Lets Talk about Beauty Baby

Katie. 20 something girl who enjoys sarcasm, netball and more importantly all things beauty.

I can’t lie. I never grew up being obsessed with makeup. I was more interested in making sure my nails were short enough so I could play netball. I never started wearing makeup till I was at least 16 – and then it was a case of a bit of mascara and some blue eye shadow. (it was 2009 so I’m allowed to make these mistakes and look back now at my Myspace pictures and howl). It didn’t bother me that girls at my school wore foundation and blush and oh my god even did their eyebrows.

SIDE NOTE: I swear, I don’t think I even realised my eyebrows existed until I got my first wax and tint before my 18th birthday. Absolutely horrifying I know but I have righted that wrong ever since.

It didn’t bother me because I knew that I had more to give than coming into high school wearing mascara and trying to hide from our Head of Year who ran around with makeup wipes. And I look back now and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Yes I had more to give – I was getting really good grades, I was funny (ish), I had loads of friends, it was great! But I’ve moved onto another part of my life where I’m comfortable enough in my self now that I truly believe makeup is an expression – another outlet to be who you are and I love being able to be creative and express myself in more ways than just words and actions.

I blame YouTube. I say blame, but I mean this in the best way possible. The first time I was opened up to the many many MANY forms of applying makeup and the many many MANY brands of makeup itself was by watching Tanya Burr. I was hooked. She was using every size sponge, every size brush, every colour foundation, pencils, gels, lipsticks. It was heaven. I saw them as tools and I saw her as an artist and I loved it….

So I began watching more and more and watching more and more people that YouTube suggested for me and my obsession grew and grew. And now I’m here, its 2016 and I’ve got the makeup bag the size of my body and a drawer full of products I love and cherish. And I thought, why not show people what I’ve got. I’ve learnt so much through the years watching other people that I’d love to give my own opinion and thoughts on different products old and new fab and not so fab!

I’m not claiming to be the Charlotte Tilbury of the makeup world or the Tanya Burr of the YouTube/Blogging world but I’m Kate and I want to show you what I did next…


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