Top 5 Holiday Essentials

‘Hotdogs or Legs’

So my last post focused on some things I had bought especially for my holiday. The basics. I.e shampoo/conditioner, shower gel etc. All those really exciting toiletry bits.

Today I thought I’d make a lovely little list (5 things to be exact) of the things I can’t live without on holiday. Pat on the back for me for actually getting this list down to 5 things because believe me, I had a list as long as my body at the beginning. Go me!



Nothing excites me more (than toiletries) than dedicating a bit of shopping time to hit Waterstones and find the perfect holiday read. I also love rummaging through the WHSmith at the airport – everything’s just so much more fun there! For my upcoming getaway, I want to read something that’s light, funny, and relatable. I plan on reading, then napping, then sunbathing, then drinking and repeating this process several times. SOOO, I want to be able to return to my book and pick up as easily as I dropped it when I saw a G&T coming my way.

2 Christmas’ ago, I received Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is everyone hanging out without me? (& other concerns).’ And I LOVED it. It so easy to read because she writes about topics in such a likable, chatty way that I felt like I could relate to her. You can find her in The Office: US and also The Mindy Project and that’s where my love for her came from. She’s a brilliant script writer and her sense of humour and wit is second to none. So when I saw that she had published a second book Why Not Me? I hurried on down to Waterstones and purchased it.

Has anyone else read any of her books? If so, what were your thoughts?



Now, for me, this could be deemed quite difficult. If anyone knows me then they know I live for brown and nude lipsticks. I have given my life to finding the perfect daytime brown and the perfect nighttime brown. And I’m slowly getting there. So to steer away from this colour palette I always feel a little anxious. Until I found my favourite bright lipstick. Would you believe that?

I originally bought this lipstick as a tactic to ridding myself of these hideous dark circles I have under my eyes. (red/orange tones cancelling out the blue tones yabba yabba) but then I did something crazy. I put it on my lips. And actually liked it. Noimg_0605w this was approx. 2 years ago and ever since then, I’ve been using it on holiday when I want to go a little bare-faced but still bring in a little attention. (Aye, Aye) Here’s a picture of me actually wearing it.

It’s called Hot Flash by the Boots brand Seventeen. I love it because it’s the perfect mix between a red and an orange. It’s out there for me without having to commit to a red lip which personally I don’t think I suit. The pigmentation is great and it glides on pretty smoothly.


3. Beach Cover Up

This may not be an essential item to everyone but it is to me. I believe that the perfect cover up can save lives. One that goes with every bikini, takes up no space in your suitcase and is hassle free in the sense that you can slip it on and off with ease. I don’t know about you but I find there’s nothing worse than going down to the pool or beach and having to wrestle with a top over your clammy/sticky, possibly sun burnt back/arms and then having to conquer gracefully shimmying down a pair of shorts over your arse. Not for me thanks. So this year, I decided on a white crochet dress from New Look. It’s just the right amount of cool and classy but is still understated and that’s what I love. You can wear it to breakfast and then slip it off when you want a dip. A favourite of mine if you ask me.

4. Highlighter.

I sound like a bloody broken record. I love highlighter. I love highlighter on holiday. There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than a bronzed glowing face. You look so healthy and full of life. And highlighter is not just for the cheekbones. Place it on your cupids bow, sweep it over the tip of your nose and sweep that bad boy all over your collar bones and chest for the ultimate mermaid, holiday experience. My fave highlighter is Benefit’s Watts Up which I have previously spoke about briefly. Also favourites of mine are Mac’s Mineralize Skin Finish  in Cheeky Bronze and Soft and Gentle. For me, they’re the perfect ‘setting’ highlighter – I use a liquid product first then sweep this on lightly. For Cheeky Bronze, it’s the perfect 2-in-1 as the orangey pearl colour can be used on your actual cheeks for a flush of colour.

5. Heat protector hair products

There’s nothing worse than frizzy dry hair on holiday. And while it’s not always inevitable to stop your hair from getting attacked by the humidity, you can give it a little shield. I’ve been using VO5 products for just over a year now and they are engulfed in my weekly hair washing and drying routine (which is a military operation believe me). As I’m incapable of giving myself an actual curly blow dry which is my dream in life…I just blowdry my hair straight. And along with that can come the frizziness. This routine doesn’t change on holiday. It is only heightened. On my wet hair I spray through the Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil just so my hair is protected when I use my hairdryer. Then through the ends of my hair (not the roots…omg never the roots) I evenly spread through the Nourish My Shine Mircale Illuminator just for extra heat defence and all around glossy locks. After my hair is dry, I spray the Smoothly Does It ‘Tame and Shine Spray’ which literally saves my life. For me, these hair products are essential so they had to go in the list. You give a lot of hard work to curate your perfect holiday wardrobe so you want to make sure your hair is keeping up too!


And there’s my top 5 holiday essentials. There’s sooo many more that I could’ve picked but I had to be strict with myself. Are there any essentials that just have to go with you in your case?


Katie X

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Holiday Essentials

  1. Totally agree with every single point!!! A good book is essential ! In fact holidays are the only time I actually read ! OOPS!

    Thanks so much for sharing & also thank you for being part of the BLOG SQUAD! Mwah xoxoxo Georgie – As You WIsh Uk xo

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