New In ft. My 23rd

So last Wednesday I turned 23. I shudder at the thought. What happens when you’re 23? There’s no ‘key to the door.’ There’s no first legal night out in town. Where’s all the fun at? 21+2 sounds so much better don’t you think. And while I was busy thinking about how I’m getting closer to 30 (I’m not even exaggerating, I’m not even being dramatic. I am NOT the dramatic type *rolls eyes*) I forgot about how much I have to actually be thankful for and that I do actually have people who care about me and have put real love and thought into my birthday. Even now that I’m the ripe age of 23.


When I received this palette I think I did a little bit of an ‘omg.’ Okay a big ‘OMG.’ I’ve obsessed over BECCA cosmetics highlighters since the beginning of time. I’ve watched tutorials where I’ve been blinded at the end result of using their highlighter products and I’ve always wanted to try them. And then I was given this absolute beauty. It’s a collection of their infamous skin perfectors along with their pressed mineral and luminous blushes. The colour pay out is AMAZING. Heavenly. Everything you’d expect from a brand like this.

The colours in the palette are as follows:

Top Left: Rose Spritz

Top Middle: Amaretto

Top Right: Pamplemousse

Bottom Left: Champagne Pop (‘THE’ cult highlighter)

Bottom Right: Prosecco Pop


Pixi Glow Tonic & Glow Mist

Now if you’ve read my skincare post then you should know how much I love my Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner. If you don’t then by all means, give it a read here! It was almost uncanny that the week I’d ran out of it, I was given it as a present from my boyfriends generous sister! This toner saves my life. It gives me glowing skin in the morning and in the night without stripping or drying out my skin. The other product in this duo is a newbie to me! I was so excited to try it and I haven’t been disappointed. Its a hydrating mist for my face that can be used before makeup to hydrate & nourish, after my makeup as a setting spray to keep my face looking dewy or at anytime during the day to refresh myself. According to the bottle it contains 21 natural oils and aloe Vera. Whenever I see aloe Vera as an ingredient my skin gives a winning cheer. It just knows it’s getting protected and soothed and I can hopefully keep my eczema at bay!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette

Now. Now. This palette has been on my wish list since the beginning of time. Before I even knew I needed it/knew it existed. I’ve been scared to use it, it’s SO PRETTY TO LOOK AT. The palette I’ve received is in the colour light and there are 3 more colour choices you can go for – fair, medium and deep. Now for me, when I first opened the palette I think I shed a tear, then I examined the colours and thought for the ‘light’ palette, the 3 contour colours looked quite dark. However on actually using them I’ve realised they’re a perfect match for my skin. Once you get through the waxy exterior of the pans, the true colour of the contour comes through and they’re not as scary as first thought! They’re beautiful and creamy and blendable and I can’t wait to use them again and again.

The colours in the palette are as follows:

Top left: Fair

Top Middle: Neutral

Top Right:  Banana

Bottom Left: Java

Bottom Middle: Light Sculpt

Bottom Right: Havana

For a recent makeup look I’ve used the highlighter/concealer colour of neutral for under my eyes and I chose the contour colour Light Sculpt to add depth to my cheekbones. They’re a perfect base for any powder and powder contour you may want to use afterwards like I did. I added my hoola bronzer over this and it gave me cheekbones like I’ve never seen before. WIN.


Liz Earle Hot Cloth and Cleansing Lotion

This is another product I’ve heard so much about and I’m always on the lookout for new skincare products. I’ve tried muslin cloths in the past and have used them to take off the Charlotte Tilbury clay mask and they do a good job together. So when I heard that Liz Earle have this duo (I LOVE A DUO) I was ecstatic to receive it as a gift. You can use it to take your make-up off or use it for as the last step of your cleansing routine. Its filled with eucalyptus essential oil with rosemary which is meant to be great for toning the skin and also chamomile which aids in soothing the skin. I can’t wait for it to be a regular product in my skincare routine!


L’Oreal Smoking Nudes Lip Kit: Kirstina

Now this is the perfect nude. Forget everything else. I’ve searched long enough and I’ve finally got it. And it’s come out of the blue. I first saw this product on Asos and next minute it was given to me as a gift. I’m unsure whether this is sold in places such as Boots or Superdrug and the whole concept of the duo seems new to me but I ain’t complaining. The lipstick is the perfect cross between a day time and a night time nude with some pinkish tones. For me, it’s a perfect little pretty gift to give to makeup addicts. Like me.


Real Techniques Bold Metals Essentials

I have been using Real Technique brushes for a good 3/4 years now and I absolutely love them. They’re the first brand I think of when needing new makeup brushes. For me, I think they’re great quality and reasonably priced as opposed to MAC or SIGMA etc. This set is SO pretty. I already owned the Tapered Brush and have used it lovingly since I bought it and do like the quality and packaging of their newest line. This handy little set comes with the 300 Tapered Brush which can be used to sweep highlighter across the cheeks seamlessly, 100 Arched Powder Brush which allows flawless application for loose or pressed powders and the 203 Tapered Eye shadow Brush which helps with densely packing on your shadow and blending it into the crease for a seamless finish.

Has anyone tried any of these products and love them too?!

Love, Katie


3 thoughts on “New In ft. My 23rd

  1. Liz Earl is my life!!
    Try the brightening face mask, whenever i use it people always ask what i have done different to my face. I can only hope this is a good thing!
    P.S. I am on here for the Laura Mercier tip from the other blog, i am on the lookout for an overhall of everything in my life, starting with make up! xx

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