October Faves


It’s Autumn. It’s my favourite favourite all time fave time of the year and that’s not just because it’s my birthday month. (Does help though not gonna lie) The leaves are turning ombré and the temperature is decreasing at a steady rate to make it acceptable to wear boots and scarves and jumpers and black and suede but still warm enough to feel good about it. I also can’t believe that it’s literally nearly Christmas. Where the bloody hell has this year gone!?

So this is my first ‘favourites’ post. And I love reading other peoples favourites and I love watching them on YouTube. I love to know what products and just general things people have been loving each month so much so that they deserve a little moment to shine.

So I thought I’d do some little categories to keep it all in check and don’t go absolutely crazy  and completely go off on one. Because I’ve been known to. So it’s best to keep to a plan from the word GO!


The Weeknd//Beauty Behind the Madness 

ft. my fave George of all time and guilty pleasure.

This album does things. Real things. Big things. It serenades you. It seduces you. It pumps you. It’s pop but not as we know it. It’s dark in places with some heavy bass and an oddness to each track which makes The Weeknd the artist we know and love. This was the album of my winter 2015, I like the darkness. To me, it’s musics version of the ‘Noir’ genre. It’s gritty in places, its smooth and sleek in others. ‘Can’t feel my face’ gets you ready for a night out whilst ‘Acquainted’ gets you thinking about that special someone.

It’s in my favourites this month because it’s come around full circle. This vinyl is an anniversary gift from my boyfriend because it reminds me of all our first dates and all the exciting things that happen around the beginning of a new relationship. Cheesy I KNOW. It’s great. Give it a listen.

George Michael is my all time favourite person with Careless Whisper being my biggest guilty pleasure ever. You know what. It’s not even guilty. It’s just all pleasure. The saxophone is BIG.


H&M Thin Gold Chain Necklace with Interlinking Circles

Ever since I bought this, I think I’ve worn it everyday without fail. I love fine little pieces of jewelry and H&M seem to pull it out the bag with endless little pieces like this. Its so understated but enough to get compliments on it. It cost me about £3.99 and its been the greatest investment ever.


L’Oreal True Match Highlight//Golden Glow

I used this every day on holiday and it gave me the most ‘holidayish’ glow ever. And it continued when I got home. The best feeling ever is having that much a good tan that you’re confident enough to not wear foundation. And voila, I did. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been blending in a tiny bit of concealer underneath my eyes and then with two droplets of this liquid illuminator I’ve blended it all over the apple of my cheeks and up onto my cheekbones and its given me the most natural glow.


Piz Buin//After Sun Moisturising Lotion with Tanimel

Okay, yes I picked aftersun because I’ve been on holiday and I want to prolong my tan. Who the hell doesn’t when they get back into rainy England? But even now, at the end of the month when I’m receiving no new sunrays and my tan is fading at an alarming rate I’m still using this as my main moisturiser after my shower. Why? Because its SOOOO hydrating. Obviously aftersun products are formulated to look after skin that’s been in the sun all day and that itself can really dry it out, so it must have some extra ingredients in it that look after the skin and really give it all the hydration it needs (especially when you’ve been sunburnt). I deal with scaly legs on a regular basis and although I regularly moisturise, nothing really seems to work that well. But this does. I feel soft and supple and hydrated. So I think I’m going to continue to buy aftersun long after my holiday blues have settled and remain the best amount of moisturised that I can!


The Body Shop//Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask

This mask helps restore my skin while I sleep. The aloe keeps the eczema on my face at bay. And it’s so soothing when I put it on. I rave about it on my skincare post here. I use it religiously twice a week and it’s been a godsend for the colder days when my skin has been constantly facing the change from the weather outside and then the heat inside. Thank god for this product!!


ASOS 2 Pack Slouchy V Neck Rib T-Shirts//Black & White

These t-shirts literally make up the core of every one of my outfits. They go with everything and are literally just the easiest and most flattering things you can just throw on and go. They skim over everything I have going on underneath and the ribbed detail just gives it a little something extra. This 2 pack cost me £18 and I’ve never looked backed. I have them in rotation and will probably buy another pack to throw them into the rotation to.

Find a staple…and buy it in every colour!!

So they are my October monthly favourites. What have been your favourites this month!?

Katie X

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