What’s on my Face?

Believe it or not, I’ve found it really difficult to list products for my daily makeup routine because I am an absolute fiend for makeup therefore finding myself constantly using different products to create the same everyday natural look.

So in this post, the products above are what I used on my face. Today. And some of them have been staples of my everyday look for AGES. They’re irreplaceable. Others, such as my foundation and what I used to contour, can change and alter depending on my mood on the day. Which can pretty much be the same for everyone!?


We all know what I’d pick hands down again and again. Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. I don’t want to bore you (that’s the LAST thing on my mind) but it’s pretty amazing so go out now and try it…what are you waiting for? If you need a little more persuading, check out my review of it here.


I tend to fluctuate between concealers and it’s nothing personal, it’s just whatever I grab first in my makeup bag. Currently, it’s been the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium which I have spoken about in my holiday haul. It’s creamy and blend-able and won’t break the bank. If not this, then its the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger. This is quite a darker tone for the colour of my natural skin but I’ve been using it since I got back off holiday on its own and it’s great. I’d say the Collection concealer is a drugstore dupe for this.


Today I used, L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Rose Beige, tomorrow I could switch it up to my Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab. For me, they’re both just as good as each other. I do like L’Oreal foundations and have tried their ‘Lumi Magique’ one in the past and absolutely loved it. So when they brought out their newest campaign for ‘True Match,’ I got my skin colour ‘swatched’ and matched up with a corresponding foundation. And I find my skin has been looking flawless and my skin doesn’t look cakey. Isn’t that what we dream of in life? BIG WIN.

I used to just wear the Nars when I was going out. You know, OUT OUT. But now I just think f*** it and wear it everyday because I bloody love it. In the day I like to be natural, even though I’m wearing quite a number of products, I don’t want everyone to think I’ve literally just piled everything onto my face out my makeup bag. Growing up, the only foundation I used to wear was a little blob of MAC’s Face and Body because it was so light and ‘liquid-y’ and buildable and it was perfect for me. I believe the Nars Sheer Glow is the next stage. It’s the ‘Katie’s an adult now and needs a bit more support’ foundation but without shouting it out to the world. (I completely just went off on one then – stay with me)

N.B. I bought Nars off the back of a recommendation and at first I wasn’t too impressed with it. I can hear the gasps already I’m sorry. Only because it didn’t look the same on me as it did on the girl who told me she was also wearing it and I thought ‘Oh God why does life hate me.’ But then I gave it another chance and THEN I was introduced to beauty blenders and I have now taken it under my wing and will never ever look back. I’m sorry I ever doubted you Nars. Please forgive me.


Now. I love my eyebrows as much as I love some people. It’s true. And there is 2 products that I could literally not live without on a regular basis – my Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown and my Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown. I can create the most natural brow with the pencil, filling in the sparse areas of my brows and really accentuating my arch and then fixing that all into place with the brow gel. I love my eyebrows so dark, basically black so before I found this perfect colour pencil, I literally used to use black eyeshadow with an angled brush and paint my eyebrows. I still am partial to a bit of black eyeshadow on top of my pencil, but only when I’m due a good wax and tint.


Only very recently have I purchased this Kate by Rimmel Sculpting Palette in #003. And I love it! The contour colour is perfect for defining the cheekbones but also bronzing and warming the face. The blush is the perfect mix between a pink and an orange – adding warmth to the cheeks and the highlighter has good pigmentation. I used it over a cream contour for a ‘night time makeup’ and it looks just as good on its own too. For 6.99 you can’t go wrong with a 3-in-1 makeup product.
Okay so within this paragraph I’d also like to point out that my FAVOURITE blush for months and months has been the L’Oreal Le Blush in Peach (160). For some reason I feel so retro wearing an orange blush on the reg, I feel like I’m my mum and should be wearing shoulder pads and a perm along with a shimmery orange lipstick (don’t ask, it’s not a fantasy, just my own wierd version of the 80’s). This blush makes me glow and a little goes a long way. I love it.

The brush I use and that’s pictured above is my all time favourite brush by the German brand ZOEVA. If you haven’t heard of them then please go check them out. Their brushes are such good quality for such reasonable prices. It’s the best angled brush with such good quality bristles – they don’t fall out all over your face and has stayed in good condition after numerous washes. The majority of my eye brushes are from this brand and I wouldn’t swop them for the world. The brush in question is the Luxe Sheer Cheek 127 Angled Brush. It’s amazing for powered contour and blush. My favourite eye brushes are the 228 Luxe Crease. For me, they’re the perfect blending brush and a dupe for MAC 217.


I can’t get through life without a good pair of eyelash curlers and some mazzy. It’s just not possible. Sorry. I’ve been born with relatively long eyelashes, I think, but annoyingly straight. Even when I curl them I can see them fighting to kick back and stretch out again. Little buggers. BUT I have my perfect mascara. Affordable and amazing. WIN WIN. I’ve been using and constantly repurchasing the Maybelline Sensational Lash Mascara in Black. It’s great you know. The curved plastic brush literally grabs onto every lash and I just wiggle it up and across and voila, perfect not clumpy eyelashes from root to tip.


I’m not saying I have time to do a full smokey eye every day but I do love a little definition in the crease and some colour in my waterline. This is my go to palette day AND night. It’s the MAC Eyes X9 Palette in Burgundy. And it’s bloody gorgeous. I love MAC eyeshadows, there’s no denying they’re everyone’s favourite and there’s no secret as to why. Amazing to blend, pigmentation is second to none and the colours they have to offer are DIVINE. LOOK AT THAT PURPLE. Now the colours I love to use on a reg basis are the light pink/Browns on the top row and then bottom left. They’re so natural but add a little oomph. Glorious.

For the day time I go for nude. For the night time I go for nude. It’s just about finding the right one for each event. I’ve probably talked loads about that already. BORE KATE. Anyway, for most days, I want something that’s ‘there but not there.’ I want a little moisture along with a little sheen along with a little colour. Not too hard to ask for? Boots makeup brand Seventeen have been making my favourite lipstick of all time and I’ve repurchased it about 5 times. It’s the mirror sheen lipstick in Pouty. It’s the PERFECT combo of all the things I’m looking for.

And that’s it folks. If you got to the end of this post and have read everything thoroughly then I applaud you.

It’s been hard. I never thought it would be hard to talk about makeup but I just have so many favourites I could go on FOREVER!

Katie X 

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