There was no way I could not write about this city. For the 3 days I spent exploring this amazing city, I was filled with so much enthusiasm, awe, emotion. And now I can’t find the words to describe it. Nothing seems like it would do it justice. Apart from you HAVE to visit Berlin.

It’s the perfect combination of the old mixed with the new. It felt so poignant being there of all months of all years when so much is going on in the world and this city has seen so much like it. It’s blossomed in the face of adversity. It’s electric and historic. It’s evolved so much but still kept to its roots and they will never forget what happened. How can they? The very wall which stunted so many existences still stands in places to remind people of the fight for freedom.

It’s such a storied city, the history is there to see on every street corner but so many new scenes to explore. It doesn’t feel like a German city. Which might seem like a statement that doesn’t hold much weight but it just feels so modern and European. It’s grey yes, but it’s coloured by its mix of vibrant and creative communities and their neighbourhoods. You can walk down the streets and see square blocks of grey apartments and on the same street you feel as though you’ve stepped into Paris or Amsterdam with its architecturally beautiful and intricate buildings with character for days. (It’s called balance)

For me, I loved the extreme chill vibes. Coffee shops, cute eateries, bars galore. There was a buzz everywhere you went – art and culture thriving in the forms of graffiti, clothing, decoration.

The new and the old generation mixed together perfectly wearing black. Maybe that’s why I loved it so much. You can never wear too much black in my opinion and this city triumphed in that.

Here’s some snaps. A mixture of tourist attractions, history, coffee and lamp shades made out of literature ❤️

During our 3 days and 2 nights there we did come across some amazing cool little spaces – they’re literally dotted everywhere and anywhere so I thought I’d do a collection of a few, if you were ever to visit Berlin and needed some ideas.

(Disclaimer – I ain’t saying theses are THE places to go in Berlin and that I’m a pro at finding places, we simply just stumbled across them on our travels and thought they were good enough to mention!) 

Prince – in the Alexander Platz area on Rosa-Luxemburg Straße not far from Hackescher Markt. Asian food meets Berlin. Gave off some serious NYC Soho vibes with its plush velvet couches, bare light bulbs and and chill demure playing songs you know but not as you know them – dance songs but chill x100. Some seriously good cocktails. Slow Monkey 47 being a fave – sloe gin and Mediterranean tonic. Hello.

Michelberger Hotel – situated on Warschauer Straße in the Friedeichshain area where the most ‘famous’ parts of the wall is (so to speak!) We didn’t stay here but we popped in for breakfast. Very stylish and quirky with its wooden and metal furniture and literature decorations (lamp shades are made out of magazines). Mostly occupied by artists and bands (Universal is just over the road.)

Feger – We just about spotted this across the street, it was just a black building with black curtains over the door and the odd light on the wall giving off some serious speak easy vibes. Situated in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin on Oranienstraße. It’s just off Skalitzer Straße which we were told was one of the main ‘cool’ areas for bars and restaurants and young’uns like us. It was very dark, low key and smokey – madness because us Brits are just not used to people smoking inside now. People drinking beer and cocktails by candlelight. Maybe I loved it even more because of the sloe gin and tonic and the amount of people wearing black head to toe.

Kremanski – This was the first place we went to when we arrived on Skalitzer Straße. It was more of a case of trying not to be picky and not judging a book by its cover otherwise we’d never go in anywhere! We were pleasantly surprised. I think it’s more of a cafe that a bar and its pretty plainly decorated with few ornate furnishings but on that particular night the vibe was like a Latin American party with couples doing salsa. It was cute. It felt like everyone knew each other and that made it a good atmosphere – there were no agendas, everyone was in a good mood, just enjoying each others company and having a good time.

It’s a place I could see myself in, a place I’d jump at the chance to go to again. The metropolitan vibezzz with its history packed onto every street corner it literally left me yearning! (Dramatic? Normally it would be but not for this place)


Katie X

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