Current Face Routine

It’s me again. Back with MORE products to show you. Some of these you will have seen before on the blog whilst others are products that have either been purchased over the past month or I’ve decided to delve deep enough into my makeup bag to retrieve them and give them some daylight and a bit of that TLC. It was my aim, however, to refrain from buying any makeup products over this month, including skincare. But as you’ll see from future blog posts and this one…it didn’t really go to plan. (Self control…NADA)

So! I know my last post was a self contained makeup look which featured me babbling on about what products I love to use and I do still love to use them. But when you nail that ultimate casual night time look that’s not OTT but still looks BOMB, then you’ve gotta share it haven’t you. Keep reading, you won’t be disappointed!


My base can change like the weather. I rotate products, obsess over them, neglect them, love them, leave them. It’s just a vicious cycle. So this month my foundation of choice for a more full coverage look (as opposed to the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser mentioned in my Valentines Day post) has been the holy grail – Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab. I’ve spoken about this before in my ‘What I Wore On My Face Today’ post where I basically confessed that I wasn’t a lover of it at first. But now. It’s my baby. It’s the most perfect consistency, personally for me, buildable and it feels as though I have no foundation on at all which I LOVE but still covers you in all the right places.

For concealer, I begin by using the NYX HD concealer in a Yellow colour to cancel out and brighten the dark blue tones underneath my eyes. On top of this I’ve then been using the Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Concealer in ‘Nude’ which, for me, is the perfect orange-y toned concealer which just adds the extra protection for my stubborn dark circles (eugh). THEN….wait for it….once I have blended that all in with a damp beauty blender, I finish it off with the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer in 01 Ivory to highlight the areas I’ve just concealed then down and around my nose. Now I never thought I’d be the type of person who layers products like this but seriously, it works.

One product I do have to give a tiny mention to is the Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent. It cost me like 3 quid and its actually really good! I don’t normally wear powders over my foundation but have recently started to dust some under my eyes and I bloody love it.



Bold statement. But I can’t praise the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush any more than I do. To myself. On a regular basis. I find myself using it then looking at it like ‘you really are the damn best you know.’ Is that weird…Anyway, we move on. I love the cream contour from the ABH palette in the shade Light. Not going to lie I literally only use the bottom 3 contour colours because all my concealer and what not is COVERED by the previous paragraph. Plus I’m a little bit scared to use them (only because they look so pale and I love concealers that have an applicator okay). To apply the cream contour I use one of those spoon like blending brushes 1. because I had to give into a trend and 2. it cost me £2.50 from Primark – how was I going to say no!? It’s the perfect size to chisel out underneath my cheekbones and its the perfect density so I can use little product and get great colour payoff. I then use the sculpting brush to blend it all in so perfectly which is the perfect size, shape, density…EVERYTHING to really create that natural contoured and bronzed glow.


Now. Would you believe that I consider one of my best beauty purchases of this month to be a £1.50 Primark blusher? No, me neither. But it’s true. Just goes to show sometimes the price doesn’t always have to be sky high in order to get the best quality. The pigmentation of this blusher really is amazing for the price and it’s the perfect peachy colour which gives you the most natural flush. (It’s called Taboo which I think is kinda cool no? I’d also like to know whose job it is to think up names for different products because I’d love to do that ha!) ANYWAY…the past few times I’ve been into Primark I’ve been spending more and more time at the makeup stands and I’ve been so impressed with the range of colours and prices of their products. Their lip liners and glosses are some other things I’ve been really impressed with. So to apply my blush, I’ve been using the Real Techniques 103 Angled Powder Brush, which at first look, looks too big to even be applying blusher but it honestly just perfectly coats the whole cheek area. I love it.


My BECCA x Jaclyn Hill palette is my baby. Not only has it got the most beautiful packaging but it contains some of the best and pigmented highlights and blushes OF MY LIFE. So before I highlight, I take some of ‘Amaretto’ which is the brown mineral blush shade in the middle and I take that with an angled brush and follow the lines of my contour just to give it a bit more of a deep and bronzed look. With the peachy colour of the blusher, it just goes amazing. I take a dab of both highlighters with my Real Techniques 300 brush and just lightly dust them over the highest point of my cheekbones, underneath my brow bone ever so slightly, over the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow.


When you find a lipstick so perfect, you never let it go. Okay? The search is over, I’ve found my perfect nude (this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying nude lipsticks by the way, I just now know what my NUMBER 1 is). I use the same shade in a lip liner which has currently been the Primark PS…Lip Liner Pencil in Rosewood Mauve and then the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in ‘Pillow Talk.’ Talk about amazing. It glides on. It feels as though your lips are getting a hug from CT herself. You feel the love and devotion she has put into making the best matte lipstick ever. It doesn’t feel dry on your lips as most mattes do – its just silky and stays in place all night. 


Eyes. I own so many palettes and I do try and give them love and attention but it’s so hard when there’s just one that can do everything. I feel like my Naked 3 palette has been through thick and thin with me. It was one of the first palettes I eve received about 3 years ago (I know, not that long at all) when I began to get serious over makeup and it has always been the backbone of my makeup collection (I feel like we’re going deep here no?) Recently, I bought 2 more of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Creme de Rose which is the perfect base shade as its just a really light pink almost beige colour and Breathless which is a really natural beige shimmer colour perfect for the centre of the eye – they’re great as a primer for all your other shadows and are basically a dupe for the MAC paintpots but a fraction of their price.

SO, on top of creme de rose I’ve been using my Naked 3 palette and basically just adding definition into my crease using Nooner (dark pink shadow 6th from the right above) and then I build on that with Dark Side and Black Heart (1st & 2nd from the right) just around my outer corner and underneath the eye. I finish off just with curling my eyelashes and then using my all time favourite mascara Maybelline Lash Sensational in Black. I think I’ll always stay loyal to this mascara, I’ve tried so many in the past but none come close!

Disclaimer: I really don’t know whether that sounds like anything special as I’m still trying to get to grips with speaking about applying makeup rather than actually showing it ha! I’m doing my best. Really!

Once again, I feel like I have to thank anyone for getting to the end of my posts! If you did, then I commend you – I do like to go on! Hopefully you might’ve picked up on some products that you’d like to try or if you have tried any, what do you think of them?!

Katie X 

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