10 Reason Why…

img_2867So, 24 hey. It’s an age where not much goes down. To be quite honest, no one is really that arsed after you turn 21. Sorry. However, I do like to make my birthdays last for on average, around a month and let EVERYONE know about it. I tend to fill the days around my birthday with fun activities and plenty of eating opportunities in order to keep my brain occupied and therefore not panicking that I’m turning another year older.

Okay, dramatic Kate aside for a second, I’m not actually that sad about being 24. I’m a fully fledged adult, which kind of scares me but then there’s also so many pros. So I’ve made a list. A list of reasons why I’m okay about turning 24. This is a bit of lighthearted fun/reading as I try not to really take myself too seriously but it is actually quite nice to sit down and write about some positives in my life however little or (big) they may be.

  1. I’m 24. I’m actually supposed to adult. Which means I can do whatever the bloody hell I want, when I want. To an extent (I need to calm down!) Want to nap? Okay Kate you deserve one. Want a gin with dinner? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere (this seems to be a regular quote in my family Whats App group hmmmm). Want to McDonald’s for breakfast, dinner and tea? You do you honey. (Guys I should also point out that I’m from the north so dinner is lunch and that’s just how it is…)
  2. I am actually surrounded by some really amazing groups of girls who I can genuinely say are friends for LIFE. I know as you get older, just living and surviving can get in the way of friendships and arranging plans but it also helps to filter through all the people who don’t really deserve a place in your life anyway. Life’s hard as it is guys, we don’t need people sliding into your DM’s whining because you haven’t contacted them in like 2 days. An that’s why I’m actually quite smug I’ve still got my circle of friends from high school (a couple even from primary school – go us!) My best friend and I are in a solid 13 year relationship with the same ethos that even though we don’t text or speak everyday, we’re still both there for each other and the times we get to catch up, it’s as if we’ve never ever been apart. And I love that. So cheers to that.
  3. I’m still as athletic as I was when I was a child. This is quite a big one for me. I’ve been part of a netball team for the past 14 years and been through thick and thin with it. I love it. I’ve seen girls come and go and lose enthusiasm as soon as they were old enough to start going out and what not but I’ve never ever lost the bug. I’ve spent too many Sundays hungover playing netball but making sure I absolutely put my all into a game and I love that I have something to look forward to every week – I’m part of a huge netball family and I’ve gone through school, 6th form and university still giving it 100%.
  4. This may be a little cheesy one but I’m actually in a relationship where I’m not scared about the future – I can actually see one and its bloody exciting. We’re each others best mate and he’s the first person I want to tell all my good news to, so that’s got to mean something?
  5. On a serious note, its been 2 years since I graduated and although I’m not in my ‘dream job’ as such yet, or currently have a clue what I want to do in life, I have a job in which I receive a steady income and allows me to have a pretty decent lifestyle – thank god because I like to online shop and eat A LOT. It’s given me quite a lot of flexibility on how I live my life and how I’m able to take time out to blog, attend events and even go on holidays over Christmas. Which brings me onto my next reason…
  6. Me and my boyfriend go to Thailand for New Year! I absolutely cannot wait to go back and explore more of that beautiful country and it’s islands. Plus, who doesn’t want to be on a beach in a bikini on New Years Eve? It’s killed me seeing everyone jet off on their exotic summer holidays but I know it’s worth it when I’m sunbathing on a beach in Koh Samui whilst everyone is back here in the cold.
  7. I’m so much wiser.
  8. I joke a lot and have become so much more sarcastic.
  9. I’m so happy I finally took the plunge last year and started up this blog. I genuinely wouldn’t know what I’d do without it. I’m so proud of everything I post and I can’t wait to see where it can take me in the future!
  10. The last reason why I’m okay with turning 24 is because I will ALWAYS be considered the baby of the family and therefore can get away with anything I want…(see point 8)

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