The Body Shop Mud Mask: Review


Now we all know Kate loves a bit of skincare, and I’ve tried and tested a lot of face masks in my time (who doesn’t love a good pamper?) I’m an absolute sucker for the marketing of skincare products – anything to make my skin GLOW and I’m clearing the shelves with one arm, right into my basket. If you’ve been reading my blog since I did my first ever skincare post, then you’ll know I have a little soft spot for The Body Shop. I love their skincare products and have sworn by their Aloe Vera range for years. I love all sorts of lotions and potions even if sometimes my skin doesn’t allow it. (I know, I can be really naughty sometimes.) However, since getting my skincare down to a T, I’ve been able to try out some other products in the hope that they will give me the skin of a glowing goddess. And by the power of god himself, I think I’ve found a face mask that does just the trick.

The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is my little bit of heaven. I purchased this about 3 weeks ago when I should’ve been Christmas shopping for other people but had that annoying little voice in my head that cried out ‘TREAT YOSELF.’ I gave in, naturally, and popped it into my online basket and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

It’s aim is to unclog and refine pores whilst revealing a healthy natural glow using only the best natural ingredients which include bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and a splashing of tea tree oil. This excited me as we all know tea tree oil has amazing super abilities to help care for our skin (especially those pesky spots.) I love the smell of this face mask – you can definitely smell the tea tree oil, it smells so fresh and clean and I think that helps in the overall experience of giving yourself an at home facial. I love the texture and consistency of this face mask – you can actually see the green tea leaves in the mixture and they act as a mini exfoliant when applying it and taking it off. It goes on wet and dries matte – I’m a sucker for examining my face in the mirror when I apply this face mask. Watching it dry and see it get into all my nooks and crannies gives me the most satisfying feeling ever. Tell me I’m not the only one!


For the past 3 weeks, I’ve used this face mask 2-3 daily as directed and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in how soft and smooth my skin feels to even how my makeup is going on so much sleeker. Even though I deal with quite dry skin at times, my T zone does tend to get quite oily throughout the day and I’ve noticed that with using this face mask, the charcoal is doing a pretty decent job at drawing out all the excess oils and I’m using a lot less powder (if any at all).

For £18, you get a 75ml tub and with regards to usage, I feel like this would last you around 3/4 months. I’ve used it regularly for 3 weeks and there’s still at least 2/3 in the jar. A little goes a long way!

I love the Body Shop, and although I don’t tend to shop their that often anymore, when I do make a purchase, I’m always 100% in love with it. I love their ethos, they use all natural and animal friendly ingredients and are an absolute god send for my sensitive skin. 10/10 for them on this one!

What’s everyones favourite facemask?


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