5 Makeup Must Haves


As the title suggest, this post is going to contain 5 must have products that I just can’t seem to live without. Products that I constantly repurchase and products that have stood the test of time. This proves to be quite an achievement as we all know I have no self control when it comes to buying makeup and skincare and all things related.

  1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

As the picture suggests, I’ve had this item a long time, and it’s well loved. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of contour powders but Benefit Hoola Bronzer has been the one I run back to every time. It’s the perfect contour shade – a brown with cool grey undertones which just chisels the cheeks perfectly. A little goes a long way too and the little box lasts a LONG time. In the past 4 years I’ve only had to purchase 2. It’s definitely worth trying.

2. Maybelline Sensational Lash Mascara

This is the ONLY mascara I’ve used in the past 3 years. I know there’s so many more out there to try, but when it comes to mascara products, I only have one in my makeup bag (as opposed to 17 concealers/14 blushers…you get the jist). It swipes onto every lash without clumping and really gives me that fake eyelash effect. For someone who has quite long eyelashes but are painstakingly straight, I love using this as it really stretches out my lashes. It’s not too ‘wet’ and I’ve found it not to smudge after an 8 hour day working or a whole night dancing.

3. Rimmel bronzing powder

Retro makeup alert. Or at least I think it is. This is the only bronzer I’ve ever used and it’s thanks to my very own momma. Before she ventured into the 21st century with this bronzer, I used to sit on her bed and gaupe at her applying her ‘Pot of Gold’ (I feel like only anyone born pre 1995 would remember this item – and the stress of trying to not get orange/brown dust everywhere as you opened it up. The struggle is real). Now when it comes to bronzer, I’m not actually that fussed (shock face) – I mean I’ve looked at trying the Two Faced Soleil Bronzer but I genuinely only use it to bronze my neck to match my face so you can’t really go wrong with Rimmel’s 5.99 bargain?!

4.Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I’ve tried a million and one concealers. Nars Creamy Concealer, Urban Decay, Maybelline – the scope is wide. I always come back to this, even if I haven’t been using it in a while, if I know its running low, I’ll always pick one up because I just know. And it knows too. We all know. Its amazing. For 3.99 its coverage is insane. It’s so creamy (so much more than Nars IMO!) And set with a little powder, lasts you all day/night without creasing. Pat on the back for Collection.

5. MAC Face & Body

This was the first ‘proper’ foundation I ever used. For my 18th birthday I got my makeup done at MAC and I was scared I’d come out looking like a caked up clown (what?!) because even though I was interested in makeup, I didn’t really use that many products or like anything thick on my face. And so, as they say, the rest is history. It’s the most perfect lightweight foundation that gives you such a natural sheer coverage but also the ability to build on the coverage too. It gives my face the perfect dewy satin finish that my dry skin cries out for and you feel as though you have nothing on your face which personally, I love. A lot of foundations have come close to this one, including the NARS Sheer Glow which I also use, but this is one foundation that I’ll keep returning to.

Guys and gals, what are you must have products in your makeup bag? I’d love to know!


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