Skincare in the Spotlight

Hello you lovely people, how are you all? Look at me giving you 2 posts in one week. What’s going on!

Today I thought I’d give you a little run down of how I’m changing up my face game. And by that I mean, how giving up buying makeup for Lent has given me a brand new outlook on how I go about my daily (and nightly) skincare and makeup routine. There are a few products that I have to thank for this, so I’m going to go through each one and basically sing their praises.

So, the story is guys that I have quite the collection of makeup. And I feel that by now, this is nothing new to you. Although I know I haven’t got the biggest collection, I still think it’s enough of an addiction to actually think about giving it up for Lent. And you know what, it’s made me focus more on my skincare and the products I use on my face and body which has resulted in better looking skin (in my opinion) and an overall more fresher makeup look.

Enough babbling. Lets get on with it!

I’m late to the party with this one, I definitely know that but I really don’t care. It’s the Mario Badescu Aloe Facial Spray. *Pictured above* Yes. I’m ALL over this hype. I bought it on Beauty Bay in a duo with the Rose Hip Mask (both full size) for £16. I use it every chance I get. It smells so fresh and makes your skin feel fresh too. It says for all skin types (so yes, even my little old sensitive skin) and it just really soothes and boosts your skins natural glow and sheen. I use it after every step in my skincare routine, I’m obsessed. It’s great for a skin pick me up through the day to boost dehydrated skin, to set your makeup or just to spray before or after your daily moisturiser. The Rose Hip Mask is a clay consistency,  where you just apply a thin layer to your face and let it dry before washing it off and revealing the smoothest and naturally bright skin ever.

St Ives Oatmeal Face Scrub. Now this is something I never thought I’d write about as loving. Only because from past experiences, face scrubs in general have been so harsh on my sensitive skin. (Just wrap me up in cotton wool why don’t you.) However, this is so gentle on the skin but still feels as though its doing a good job of exfoliating. I’ve recently discovered that you can buy stronger exfoliants from this brand and the oatmeal scrub is the most gentle exfoliator out of them all. Which is perfect for me! You can leave it on as a face mask for a couple of minutes and once you wash it off it reveals such soft, smooth, glowing skin. I live for that natural shine on my face (which isn’t grease…if there’s such a thing) and this gives me it all. I don’t use it everyday, maybe about once a week but I’ve noticed how since using it, all my other skincare has seemed to really work and sink into my skin which leaves me with the perfect base for flawless makeup. This cost me £1.99 from Home & Bargain. What. A. Bargain.

Esteé Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Now. I only got this as a sample sized bottle as you can see but its changed my life in ways where I think £80 for a bottle of serum is totally justifiable when I have a failing car to pay for. Priorities? I’ve never had a serum in my nighttime routine and I just think to myself WHY?! I honestly believe it works magic on my skin overnight, improving the overall texture and just really helping all my other creams and potions to sink into the skin and work too. It’s a thin gel like consistency and sinks into the skin straight away so doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and allows me to apply my moisturiser straight away so I can jump into bed and catch up on Riverdale. (Again, priorities.)

So I went a bit AWOL and thought I’d treat myself to a new foundation brush. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Real Techniques Beauty Blenders and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future but I wanted to add a new foundation brush to my collection. Also this was my way of buying something makeup related without actually buying makeup because I think I was possibly getting the shakes at this point in Lent. I wanted something that was going to apply my makeup flawlessly and really buff it all into my skin to give a really natural finish. When I was browsing Beauty Bay (dangerous) I came across the brand ‘Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ and the FO6 Bevelled Foundation Brush. The brush cost me £12.50 which I think is pretty reasonable for a foundation brush and it’s amazing. I actually love it. It blends my foundation so easily whatever consistency of foundation I choose – whether its my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser or my NARs Sheer Glow which is a lot more liquidy, they all go on so well. I was worried about the shape and the angle of the brush at first because I love a brush with a big surface area so that it means less time actually applying foundation but it just blends so quick and easy. I can’t wait to try out more of their brushes!

Now that it’s starting to look like Spring is arriving (only just, like are you ok hun?) I thought I best start getting the skin on the rest of my body in order. A couple of months back I bought myself the Superdrug Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub and it’s been so amazing for my skin. It makes it feel so soft and smooth and helps get rid of any build up of dead skin which can affect my sensitive and very dry skin especially when it comes to dealing with eczema on my legs. It works best for me pre-shower – I apply it to dry skin with just a little bit of water mixed in with it. It doesn’t feel like it’s drying out my skin or stripping it of any natural moisture because of the oil. Which is just bloody great. The Vitamin E range by Superdrug is actually an amazing collection of products and I would definitely recommend trying the face skincare too. It’s great for sensitive skin and won’t break the bank. I love their super balm which I’ve talked about in a previous skincare post and I’ve got their jelly nighttime mask which is so soothing.

So these are my fave products at the moment that are allowing me to be a bit more confident in changing how I get ready day to day! They’re allowing me to strip back my makeup in the form of choosing tinted moisturiser over more full coverage foundations and its given me all the confidence and sass as if I had a full glam face.

Also, pat on the back if you can guess how many times I sprayed my face with the aloe mist during the time it took to write this blog post. I’m obsessed I tell you.


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