2018 Best Bits

So here’s the thing. It’s December 2018, we’re just over 2 weeks until it’s 2019 and that’s absolutely crazy. It’s the busiest time of the year, everyone squeezing in when to see family and friends and celebrate the Christmas period and drink as much gin as you possibly can and eat way too many pringles and cheese boards. I love it.

It’s been an absolutely fab year to look back on and I feel like despite some lows and a lot of ‘what am I even doing in my life’ moments, there’s been some amazing highlights and I’m so so grateful to be where I am now, at the end of this year.

So I thought it would be a little bit fun to do a little throwback post of all my best bits from 2018 and I can only hope that 2019 can follow. Woohoo

1. Starting my year here.

I swear this was not Google Images. Koh Nang Yuan
Al could see the perfect spot with our name on it – Sairee Beach, Koh Tao
Why are sunsets so much better here? Koh Tao
What’s better than a G&T? A bucket of it – Phi Phi nightlife
A cute couple picture with a huge rock – Railay Beach
Look mum! I’m floating – Pileh Lagoon

Me and Alex hopped on a plane on Boxing Day last year and went travelling around Thailand for 2 and a half weeks and it was one of the best experiences of my life. We welcomed in New Year at the Full Moon Party In Koh Phangan and spent New Year’s Day relaxing on a beach in Koh Tao. Quite surreal whilst everyone’s still visiting Christmas Markets & drinking baileys hot chocolate back at home!

2. Exploring Venice

A foggy and beautiful Venice
St Marcs Basilica
Kate & another bridge

What an absolutely beautiful, surreal place and it was one of the best city breaks I’ve ever been on. Eating all the chichetti and drinking all the aperol! Here’s my Venice Blog Post

3. Ladies Day

Living for this red suit

Sometimes you just really feel yourself, you know what I’m saying??

4. Ticking Lisbon off Alex’s bucket list

Wishing I hadn’t worn jeans and is it acceptable to dive into the fountain

We spent Alex’s birthday drinking all the aperol again and taking in the beautiful Lisbon in April and it was bloody lovely to feel a bit of sun on our faces and show a bit of leg. Lisbon was gorgeous and full of culture and history – the architecture and the decor of the buildings were incredible.

5. Agent Academy

Celebrating an amazing 12 weeks

A 12 week marketing course with 11 of the best people I’ve ever met, running around Liverpool meeting some of the best companies and leaders and gaining insight into the creative and digital industry. Amazing experience and I’ll never forget it


Having the best summer with my best mate drinking gin at various weddings and watching the XX at Parklife as the sun went down. The best times. 

7. Job Successes

How else do you celebrate than with gin?

Celebrating a successful job interview thanks to Agent Academy and being a part of The Extraordinary Club who have gave me the chance to finally do what I want to as a career.


Booking spur of the moment flights to Barcelona and having a bit of ‘winter sun.’ I wrote all about our trip to Barcelona.

9. Turning 25 with my best mates

Glitter is good

Being a quarter of a century isn’t really that scary when you have such a good time celebrating and amazing people around you!

10. Netball family

We don’t look like this on the court

Still smashing it with my netball family and I love them all to pieces!

And so we have 10 things that have made my 2018 bloody great! 

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