2019 Beauty Faves

It’s February and this is my 1st post of 2019. I’m not putting myself under too much pressure to post, and as you’re probably aware by now, I never really have. But I’m not ready to neglect my blog yet.

The end of last year I had a big life shift – I got myself a new job and I’ve been loving life from the end of October, adjusting to new surroundings, new people and new responsibilities. It’s been an amazing couple of months but it has meant my blog has took even more of a back seat.

With that being said, I still get excited when I try some new products and I still get excited to one day share what I’ve been loving with you lovely people, so for as long as I still get this excited, it’s safe to say, I’m going to continue to blog.

Without further I do, here’s a collection of products that I have been loving in the months of December, January and Feb. Enjoy!

frank body: peppermint coffee scrub 

Wink Wink

Oh well don’t I love to make a mess in the bathroom when I use this. I’ve tried many body scrubs in the past. I repeat MANY. But this is the first one I’ve tried that is genuinely talking the talk and walking the walk. I mean, if it isn’t for the provocative quote on the packaging drawing me in and making me put it in my online basket, it’s the actual roasted coffee that makes up the scrub, filling the bathroom with an aroma to wake even the sleepiest of people up (ME). It does exactly what it says on the tin and leaves you feeling so smooth and so soft and on top of that, it gives you best base to then shave all your problems away.

l’oreal: smooth sugar glow scrub

Try saying that when you’re drunk

I bought this just after Christmas when I’d over indulged and felt like my skin needed a bit of TLC to bring life back into it after I devoured so much bread, cheese and gin. It was a great time. Not a big fan of the smell, but I am a fan of the effectiveness of the scrub. It’s quite gentle obviously depending on how hard your scrubbing at your face and it also acts as a lip scrub too. You know how I feel about 2 in 1 products.

lush: dream cream lotion

Dream Team Cream

This has been my little life saver for my crusty, scaly old skin (sound like an absolute dream don’t I). Smells very strongly of lavender which I actually don’t mind but it really does soothe my skin when it’s playing up in these cold winter months and keeps my eczema at bay. It’s just really good at keeping your body full of moisture. It’s quite a thin consistency but takes quite a while to sink into the skin, which at night, I don’t mind! I genuinely like it more than the likes of Aveeno and other brands I’ve tried so I will buy another one when it runs out!

l’oreal: infaillible cream blush stick

You so pretty

Well hello effortless makeup. Where have you been all my life. I don’t know why, at 25 years old, am I only just starting to use a cream blush. I love the natural flush this colour gives me and I love how it feels like it’s a part of my skin, not some powder which will sit on top. Especially loving it when it’s been so dark and cold and my skins been so dry over winter because it just gives my cheeks a natural boost. They do a whole range from blushes, to contour to more foundation/concealer colours too! This is the colour 200 Rosy Nude.

primark: alex steinherr maximum moisture gel

For the busy gal

Now. This whole skincare collection was such a highly anticipated one. And I did go out and buy quite a lot of the products in the different ranges that Alex Steinherr made with Primark. And I still use some of them. I like that they’re vegan and fragrance free. They’re all really inoffensive. Which is such a crazy word used to describe a skincare product. But they do a job without causing any fuss. Bit like a wallflower. They’re not amazing, but they’re not shit. If that’s a better description? However, I do love this little tube to take with me on my travels and it gives my skin the same amount of life that my big 100ml tubes of moisturiser would. For £5, I do actually think it’s a little pricey for 15ml but realistically OMG it’s only £5 for the Beauty Director of Glamour’s skincare line. Perspective?

kiehls: smooth glider precision shave lotion

She’s an easy glider

Bit of a weird one for me to talk about. I just find shaving so annoying and unnecessary but at the same time, I just can’t deal with hairy legs rubbing against bed sheets and jeans and causing friction and electric shocks – so here we are. I bought this just after Christmas after I saw someone on YouTube speaking about it. It’s part of the men’s shaving range in Kiehls , and for the record, I would rather much use a men’s razor and shaving products because I think they give a much SMOOTHER result. This shaving lotion is great because it turns into a see through gel and you don’t have to use water. How boss is that?

kiko: smart hydrating foundation

Sent from the makeup gods

This is such an amazing foundation. We don’t have a Kiko here in Liverpool, but there’s one in the Trafford Centre in Manchester which isn’t that far away. It’s such a reasonably affordable makeup brand with products that are actually really good! I also picked up a lipstick from them too however, the foundation has made the cut. It’s quite thick when it first comes out the tube, but blends really evenly with a damp beauty blender and doesn’t look cakey at all. Makes me look all dewy and ‘glowy’ which I love. I saw Jessi Milton talk about it on her blog and I just had to try it too!

primark: 3-in-1 brow precision pencil – tabacco

nyx: tinted brow mascara


I have a thing about eyebrows. But the funny thing is, I’ve never ever been one for spending a ridiculous amounts on eyebrow products. I’ve never tried the Anastasia Brow Pomade or anything by Benefit, but then, I can thank my quite bushy and dark eyebrows for really giving me so much to work with. This brow pencil was £1.50 from Primark and it does the job. I use it to really accentuate my arch and sort of fill in and fade my brows out to the middle, then brush it all out to make it look natural. I can’t do my makeup with a brow gel and this one again, just does what it’s meant to do. It’s the perfect colour, doesn’t look like I’ve got a wet look gel in my brows and keeps them in place all day. What more do I want?

So guys, that’s what I’ve been loving recently. A few oldies, a lot of newbies and some new found faves.

Kate X

3 thoughts on “2019 Beauty Faves

    1. Welcome back, We always enjoy your favourite lists and you have a few of our families favourites here, Dream Cream and Franks body scrub. I’ll definitely give the glow scrub a smile and thanks for the tip about using men’s shaving products, it never crossed my mind. Keep loving life Katie May xx

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