Skincare: Quarantine Queens

Hey you beautiful people. I hope you’re all healthy and keeping safe in these weird and crazy times.

I don’t want to delve too deep into the current health pandemic but I just hope that everyone is doing the best they can, keeping to guidelines so that we can all get out of our houses a bit quicker!

This post today is dedicated to the key skincare products that are helping me to keep my skin healthy and happy whilst staying inside. As we’re now actually all working from home, there’s little need to wear makeup and I’ve given a few shocks to people on video calls. It’s a chance to give my skin a breather and protect it from pollution and makeup that can actually aggravate it.

Here’s my top products for keeping my skin in tip top condition whilst staying home…

First up is the Weleda Skin Food brand. I have the original skin food which is the rich and intensive lotion for dry skin and I also have been loving the skin food light which is a thinner consistency allowing me to use it as a daily moisturiser. These two products combined have allowed me to be more confident in my skin as they really do add intensive moisture for when my skin needs it most. I use the skin food light all over my face and then use the original skin food on the areas that need a little bit more focus and attention (it’s such a thick consistency that you only need a tiny amount) They do have quite a strong smell to them but I think it’s so refreshing when you put them on your skin. Two of my most favourite products in my skincare drawer at the minute.

Next up is my beloved Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm but this time in Rose. I absolutely love this cleanser and it’s my go to when I need to take my makeup off. Since I haven’t been wearing makeup for about 5 weeks now, I don’t use this as often as normal, however at nighttime, even without wearing makeup , you should still always cleanse your face to take off any SPF you may have worn and to just cleanse your skin from the day! More recently, I’ve been reaching for a gentle foam cleanser from Dr Barbara Sturm which will be featured in another blog post very soon, however when I want to give myself a treat, I’ll still use my balm as a mask and leave it on for up to 15 minutes and then wash it away with a warm muslin cloth. It smells like you’re in a spa – it’s just divine!

Another product and new to my skincare collection is the Elemis Superfood Cica Calm Booster. I haven’t tried all of the Superfood collection from Elemis apart from their Skinfood veggie mask (which I adore) however I’ve heard amazing things about it and will potentially look to invest in the whole range one day! This booster is nourishing like an oil but concentrated like a serum which gives my skin all the hydration when it needs it the most. I don’t use this everyday – I use it when my skin needs to be calmed and soothed from a potential eczema or dry skin break out and I have really been enjoying using it alongside my Weleda moisturisers.

Final shoutout on this blog post (and the last product in the image) is the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. I got this product in a Cult Beauty box (they sometimes do a £30 beauty box with about 5 to 6 different products in for you to try including one full sized product – keep a look out! Such good value for money) This mask smells DIVINE and it’s such an amazing lightweight, luxurious gel like consistency which melts onto your skin straight away leaving it so soft, smooth and hydrated – with hyaluronic acid in, it’s amazing for skin that’s dry or dehydrated.

Being at home has allowed me to try out different skincare products and really get to grips with what my skin needs and wants on a daily basis and give it a breather from any aggrevating makeup products and pollution from the outside world!

Keep an eye out soon for another post containing the steps in my nighttime skin routine which features some of these products and a few more exciting ones!


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