Hey guys, I’m Katie,  (Kate, Kay, K May…whatever you fancy!) a 20 something scouse gal just trying to make it through adult life one gin at a time. Welcome to my little blog in my little space on the internet where my passions lie in all things makeup and beauty alongside some culture and travel. Here you’ll see a mixture of beauty reviews, favourite product shout-outs, travel pieces and all lovely things about my amazing city, Liverpool. Thanks for checking in.

I’ve always wanted to write. Ever since I was little and I had dreams of being the next Jacqueline Wilson. Realistic. To be fair, it was and still is quite a realistic dream but at the minute, my love is for all things blogging & telling the world what I love.
I love beauty. I love food. I love music. I love Liverpool.  I love exploring new places. I love being social. And what’s more important is my love of writing and how I’m now capable of incorporating all my favourite things into one big space. This blog.

I hope you enjoy the inner workings of my brain and my all ideas and opinions and thought processes. I hope you enjoy whatkatiedidnext…

*PR Friendly* 

Please feel free to contact me 💖 katie.may93@hotmail.com

I promise to stay true to myself and my little readers because without you telling me that you love the things I talk about, love the products I’m recommending, then what’s it really all about? Any PR samples will be made clear & my opinions will be entirely based on truth. Good vibes



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