Hey guys, I’m Katie, a 20 something Liverpool girl just trying to make it through adult life one gin at a time.

Welcome to my little blog, thanks for joining me!

Here, in my space on the internet you’ll find me talking mostly about all things beauty and skincare related – they are ultimately my passion. Basically, yours truly has a bit of an obsession with testing and trying different products and spending money I should ultimately be saving so that I can let you guys know what to spend your money on wisely. You’ll also find the odd travel and lifestyle posts thrown in there for good measure!

When I’m not writing about beauty, you can find me running about on a netball court or running about Liverpool, stuffing my face in all the amazing restaurants that my beautiful city has to offer.

In a nutshell, I love beauty. I love food. I love music. I love Liverpool.  I love exploring new places. And what’s more important is my love of writing and how I’m capable of incorporating all my favourite things into one space. This blog.

I hope you enjoy the inner workings of my brain. I hope you enjoy what Katie did next…


Please feel free to contact me: katie.may93@hotmail.com

I promise to stay true to myself and my lovely readers because without you lot telling me that you love the things I talk about, love the products I’m recommending, then what’s it really all about?

Any PR samples will be made clear & my opinions will be entirely based on truth.

Good vibes

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