So here’s the thing. It’s December 2018, we’re just over 2 weeks until it’s 2019 and that’s absolutely crazy. It’s the busiest time of the year, everyone squeezing in when to see family and friends and celebrate the Christmas period and drink as much gin as you possibly can and eat way too many pringles and cheese boards. I love it. Read More

Barcelona. You absolute beauty. On the 3rd October, me and Alex hopped on a plane and took a 3 day mini break to Barcelona. It was a bit of a spontaneous trip, as we only booked it a week previous but it was a break that we were both yearning. And I’m so glad we did it. Read More

Meandering down the Grand Canal

Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water – Frida Giannini

That was my exact first thought as I stepped foot off the Vaporetto and across the first of many bridges in Venice. How could this be real? It’s a city built on water. Beautiful, still, teal water that meanders for miles, tickling the buildings that make up this magical islands.
So Venice. Read More

10 reasons…

img_2867So, 24 hey. It’s an age where not much goes down. To be quite honest, no one is really that arsed after you turn 21. Sorry. However, I do like to make my birthdays last for on average, around a month and let EVERYONE know about it. I tend to fill the days around my birthday with fun activities and plenty of eating opportunities in order to keep my brain occupied and therefore not panicking that I’m turning another year older. Read More