Liverpool|Cocktail in the City: Preview Event


Points for how many times you can guess I say the word cocktail in this post.
Now. I’ve been excited to write this post ever since I was very kindly sent an email asking if I would like to attend a press night for a really cool event that’s happening in Liverpool next week. Obviously I replied with a big fat YES PLEASE because 1) Who can say no to cocktails and 2) it was my first event where I could be the blogger I’ve always dreamed of being! (Thanks to Agent Marketing for the best email I’ve received in a while.) Read More

May Favourites

Another favourites posts for all you lovely people. I feel like this one is going to be quite short and sweet. In all fairness, over the past month or two I haven’t changed my makeup routine or lifestyle that drastically from when I posted my March favourites. I did however write a post about some new products to give you the glow for the upcoming summer months. Go give it a read!

There’s just these few products that have literally changed my life. I feel like some people may roll their eyes and call me out as being dramatic (Me? Never….) but just hear me out, and then go try them for yourselves! Read More


It’s occurred to me that over the past 3 years, I’ve visited Germany in every one of those years at some point. My 1st time was a ‘gals weekend’ visiting our friend in Nuremberg where she’s living the dream working incredibly hard for Adidas. You go gal. We went at the end of November in 2015 so the world renown Christmas Markets were in full flow and we got to wrap up and walk the streets drinking baileys and hot chocolate mixed with lots of beer and lots of gin whilst taking in all the German culture. It was great. ┬áHere’s us just before really taking in all the German culture – aka going to a club to listen to house music & drink. Lots. Read More

Glow Baby Glow

Today, I have some exciting new products to show you lovely people. I have to admit, I’m quite proud of myself recently – I haven’t gone THAT crazy on the buying front. Just a few products here and there that I’ve accumulated over a period of 4 or 5 weeks. And now that I’ve sat down and collected them all, I’ve realised that they all follow a theme – a lovely, glowing, bronzed, fresh faced theme.

So it’s nearly summer. Ahhhhh. And I’m all for faking that bronzed goddess sort of look whilst I’m still sitting in my house. In Liverpool. Without ANY┬áhint of a tan. Read More

Top 5: Hand Luggage Beauty Essentials

Just 5 little multi purpose products that will fit perfectly in your hand luggage.

Is it THAT simple?

Now I’m not saying I’m a pro packer. Me and my boyfriend spend numerous weekends away in England and I spend at least a day packing up my makeup prior to the journey. My god, it’s even an ordeal when I stay over and we have something planned for the next day. If one product comes with, then they ALL have to follow. I’m a nightmare. But we’re off to Hamburg on Thursday (I’m just tooo excited) so I’m limited in the amount of space and things I can take. (Hello hand luggage only.) I’ve had a sit down with myself to really think through the products I’m going to need to take. Read More

March Favourites

So I thought I’d do a little ‘Favourites Of The Month’ blog post. I know the last one I did incorporated the WHOLE of last year but I like reading what people have been loving over the months so I thought I’d join in. Again.

Once again, I’ve categorised (just like my October Favourites oh so long ago) because otherwise this would be a veryyyyyy longgggg post. Read More

Night Time Unwind


Happy Sunday everyone. I’m currently on a comedown from the most amazing weekend up in Newcastle. Visiting family and making memories as well as seeing ‘The Weeknd’ up at the Metro Radio Arena on the Saturday night. It was a good weekend to say the least!

This is a bit of an impromptu Sunday night post for you all but I turned on my computer and felt compelled to write about my little night time ‘unwind’ routine. Read More